08 July 2019

Gillio Bubblegum Pink Matte Croco Medium Amica Review - by Anita

Gillio released the limited edition, one-batch production, bubblegum pink matte croco on 25th June in the following models:
  • 224/10 Medium Amica
  • 280/02 A6 Appunto
  • 281/02 A5 Appunto
  • 290/02 A6 Appunto Trifold
  • 275/02 Giramondo
  • 276/02 B6 Giramondo
  • 224/04 Compagna Personal Wide
  • 238/02 A5 Compagna
  • 231/02 A6 Compagna
'This limited edition is a beautiful soft pastel pink in our signature matte croco leather. Super soft (not chalky!) to the touch, with a great leather smell, perfect for the bright summer days to come!'
Here is one of Gillio's photos to show how the colour compares with some of their other pinks:

Based on some photos and Gillio's description, I was expecting quite a pale pink, maybe more like cherry blossom or Sakura pink. However, in real life, it's actually a little darker. I'm a bit of a tomboy still and not really into pink, but it is a very pretty colour. 

The Gillio croco leather is quite different to any of the croc pattern Filofaxes that I've owned (Amazona, Dundee and Ascot) as it has a matte finish and is very soft. I've been advised though that the croco leather is quite hardwearing.

On the left hand side, there are three card slots and an additional small slip pocket behind the logo, plus two secretarial pockets.

The stitching is perfect and the colour nicely matches the leather.

The right side has one large secretarial pocket and an elasticated pen loop with a leather top.

I haven't put any inserts in, but it looks like it will lie flat easily. The Amica is definitely not a floppy binder, but the leather is flexible and has some give to it. It feels like there is a little padding when you squeeze it.

The medium Amica is slightly wider than the medium Compagna, which allows for broader inserts from other manufacturers to be used:
  • Amica - 14 x 19cm
  • Compagna - 13.2 x 19cm

The 25mm Krause rings are perfect and close with a healthy snap. (Filofax personal size rings are 23mm) All Gillios have had Krause rings for quite some time.

Each pattern will vary on the individual model, but I quite like that the colour on the clasp on this one is slightly darker, in comparison to the front.

And some more photos, just because it's a stunning binder!

Thank you to Gillio Firenze for supplying this organiser for review and also to Steve for the photos.

Further information: 

Gillio - IIC bvba
Breedveld 2 unit 7
1651 LOT (Beersel)
+32 (0)2 380 63 19

Email: helpdesk@gillio.be
Website: http://www.gillio.be
Facebook page: Gillio Firenze
Facebook groupGillio Firenze
Instagram: @GillioFirenze

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  1. Amicas are my favorite feeling Gillio; they have a squishier feeling. At least the epocas that I own do-