19 July 2019

Free For All Friday No. 557 by Anita

During my work lunch hour, I often go downstairs in our building to sit in a communal area with my book and Filofax. I say hello to anyone I know and then lose myself in my book and sometimes make some notes or plan. The other day, I did a bit of people watching first and realised that I was the only one that wasn't using a smartphone. I suppose to look at me then, you may think that I might be a bit of a Luddite, which is definitely not the case as I love my MacBook Pro that I purchased some years ago. As I spend most of my day using spreadsheets or accounting software, I find that I enjoy having a break from looking at a screen and having my Filofax there helps me capture any thoughts that might pop up in this down time.

Has anyone assumed that you don't like technology because you use a paper organiser?

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything ringbound planner related.
Have a great weekend. 


  1. I feel you at your lunchtime. Not to stray from your question but I came to pay attention as I sat at a bus stop recently. It was a busy intersection cross street with bus stops in both directions at the beginning of the evening commute. Every vehicle in the traffic lane closest to me had a driver with a phone.


  2. Anita, I would be interested to hear whether people think the pendulum has moved back the other direction some in the last 4 or 5 years. I am a software developer and I feel like most folks I work with carry around some sort of "moleskine-like" notebook. I think most of them are using it as a capture tool and not a journal/calender. However, because everyone else is carrying around a notebook to write in, I feel like the woman/man carrying a ringed binder stands out less than before.

  3. I don’t care what others think. I often sit on a train planning project ideas on paper and jotting down ideas whilst sipping tea and enjoying the passing scenery. Yes, most of what I do day-to-day is on my iPhone or Mac Book Pro but the exchange between brain and paper via pen is something unique.

  4. I, too, spend all day on a computer, but use a 3-ring A5 at work for my calendar, weekly to dos, daily to dos, plus project lists alpha by project name. In meetings, I notice others searching and searching on their phones for copies of documents--I just flip to the document (and pass it around for others to see), or flip to the calendar for past or upcoming events referenced in the meeting. Our executives have started to carry bullet type notebooks given to them by the college (but with no training). They can't seem to find anything in them. People often joke about my binder, but I am the go-to person for information. Also, a big plus is that I know everything is in this binder readily available and off my mind. It makes my life more calm,

  5. Well, I don't like technology. I don't dislike it either, it belongs to our times and gives me some useful tools for things I love best. But a phone for example is just a phone, I don't enjoy handling it, looking at it, I don't want to spend time with it... But this morning I cought myself wishing for a fraction of a second that I could sync my new Suunto watch to my old friend Finchley. Only where would be the joy of that? While doing the syncing by hand with a Waterman Carene - that's something to look forward too all the day!