15 July 2019

The Londonhouse Corporation Filofax Catalogue 1985-1986

This week we go back to a catalogue from the USA from 1985, as the 'exclusive licensee for the The British Filofax System' I'm presuming this corporation existed before Filofax USA came in to being.

They no longer seem to exist, or not under that name. The address on the back of the catalogue is just a typical shared office building close to Santa Monica airport.

Once again thank you to Sheldon in Canada for sending me this catalogue

You can find higher resolution scans of these pages here.

The scans are reproduced here for educational and research purposes only.

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  1. This reminded me of a comment made by Robin Field after he was put in charge of Filofax (and presumably this US offshoot too).
    “Name a creature and Filofax would have ordered several thousand binders made of its hide and proudly placed them in its catalogue and in stock. I don’t know what a Karung is, but I inherited an awful lot of its skin in 1990.”
    Robin Field, as quoted in The 80/20 Individual by Robert Koch.