29 May 2011

Time Managers Planner Wallet - Guest Post - Tim

Whilst everyone is getting very excited by Flex, they always say "nothing is really new". I've attached a couple of photos I've just taken of a Time Managers Planner Wallet.

It's easy to see where the idea really came from! The TMI planner wallet has the four pockets (so has Flex), the notepad slot top and bottom (so has Flex) and the credit card slots are identical to Flex! The big difference is that the Time Manager Planner Wallet in the photo is 25 years old!

There are a few changes. Firstly, the TMI Planner Wallet was designed to be sloted into a conventional Time Manager binder, so has a 6 hole flap for that. Secondly, Filofax have taken things a stage further by producing Flex in different sizes - in particular A5 - which may help those who struggle with the size and weight of an A5 binder. The adjustable pen arrangement is also new as are the range of inserts, but as for the binder itself...

For those who can't wait for a Flex cover in leather (which will surely come next) the Time Manager Planner Wallet is a possible stop-gap option available now, but only in the one size.

I use an A5 Kendal with Filofax Time Management Pro content, but also have a Time Manager Compact binder for travel and portability. This brings the benefit of a Flex type binder (in leather) with small rings in the middle for papers that need sorting. Again, a photo is attached of mine. The binder is a lot sturdier than Flex appears to be (something that others have spotted to). The rings are 17mm and the same hole spacing as Filofax Personal.

Longterm, maybe Filofax will produce a Flex with a fixed small ring that would combine the benefits of the slimline Flex AND a conventional ring organiser/ planner - preferably in A5!

Thank you Tim, Time Management International are here and their shop here


  1. Thanks Tim - as a TM user (on and off) for the last 29 years, I agree - Filofax have completely plagiarised the idea of the TM wallet for the Flex. However, the A5 Flex isn't going to fit in my pocket, whereas the TM wallet is perfect for that, and (as usual) the leather and workmanship on the TM are faultless. I just wish I hadn't got rid of my compact TM (I still have the original size binder), as the compact might have eventually won out in the portability stakes.

    I've had my TM out this afternoon, asnd am still considering whether it might make a useful halfway step size-wise between the constraints of the FF original and the weight of the FF A5......watch this space!

  2. Ooh! I used to have one of these many years ago until I finally plumper for an A5 Portobello in red. I was in the WRNS at the time and the Navy went through a TM phase for all it's secretariat officers. It didn't work for me, though, as I like tosee everythingon one page rather than subdivided.

  3. And I still have a box of TM papers, if anyone wants them.

  4. Kate I'd be very interested in your TM papers if you could email me off-list

    davidpopely (at) googlemail (dot) com

    Thank you!

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  6. Hi Tim. I've just had a look at the current Planner Wallet offerings on the site, from the link you kindly provided. I can't see any 6-holes in any of the wallets, and I am wondering if I have misunderstood what you mean by "the TMI Planner Wallet was designed to be sloted into a conventional Time Manager binder, so has a 6 hole flap for that.". I thought you meant it has 6 holes pu8nched into one of the edges of the Wallet, so that you can clip the entire wallet into the binder. Is that the case, or am I mistaken? This is the only photo they have of a Planner Wallet open, and I can't see any holes at all. Can you provide any enlightenment on this? Thanks in advance. http://www.timemanager.com/timemanager/int/products.nsf/WEBProductLookup/WEB78990600E823CEB7C12574C1006148F3


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