13 September 2019

Free For All Friday No. 566 by Anita

I've been my Mum's carer for some time now and without my organiser, my brain would be leaking out of my ears! My Van der Spek has become a vital tool to help me keep track of appointments, medication etc. and I can't imagine being without it. 
My simple system comprises of three elements: 
1) A Filofax insert with a list of medication, useful phone numbers and opening hours which lives in my wallet 
2) A list called 'Mum' in my A to Z index 
3) A tiny diary to help me keep track of appointments, 
It has been very easy to incorporate this into my current set up, and I know that already being a planning type of person has made it easier for me to stay on top of things. 

Have you recently started to use your Filofax to keep track of any additional commitments like this?

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything ringbound planner related.
Have a great weekend. 


  1. My medical section is essential and I can track vitamins too for my osteoporosis. Peanuts Planner Co inserts are marvellous for this. I have just started a weekly tv and radio planner. A planner experiment at the mo. I would love to see Downton Abbey from the beginning with box sets and watch Netflix's The Queen. I don't watch a lot of tv,but tracking episodes of say Masterchef may be useful when I have to catch up and watch on i-player. I love trying new things out in my planner, but have to trim down too to avoid chunking it up!! xx

  2. Yes! I recently started homeschooling my daughter. I thought I'd use a separate planner for this, but it just didn't work for me. I needed it all in one space. So I used an Avery label to add in a "school" tab, and bought some lesson planner printables. I also added in a few sheets of filler paper for notes and ideas, and a habit tracker since I'm incorporating a new morning routine for both of us. I love having everything in one place.

  3. This is very minor, but here goes: I always forget to change out my toothbrush. (You're supposed to start a new one every three months, I'm told.) Now I've started a calendar page in my planner so I know exactly when to throw out the old toothbrush. A little OCD, perhaps, but if it works...