20 September 2019

Free For All No 567 by Laurie

Over the years I've gone back and forth with my journaling. For several years I used a page-per-day diary as my journal. Later I switched to regular notebooks, and did a type of bullet-journaling with day to day stuff and lists along with notes and journaling. I found that to be a good catch-all. But then it degenerated into just my to-do lists, so I decided to do normal journaling in a designated notebook. I liked that because I could write just what I wanted to remember and details I wanted to capture. Then after awhile that started to feel like homework so I quit.

Last year I used my Filofax as my daily planner, and incorporated journaling into it. I really liked that at the time; if I had an eventful day, or went on a trip or vacation, I wrote about it on blank pages then hole-punched them to go into my Filofax within the weekly planner pages, so I had everything all together. Then when I archived my pages, I had everything from that year in the archive binder: plans, records, and journaling. I also liked that I was able to put in other things too. For example we visited the Tower of London and I put the map in a zip pouch on the rings among the journal pages for that trip.

I enjoyed journaling this way while I was using my Filofax as my planner. But this year I'm using a different planner because I needed a page size larger than A5. As a result, journaling in my Filofax doesn't feel the same. And now I have a new notebook I really want to use, so I think I will go back to journaling in a bound notebook.

Do you do journaling in your Filofax?


  1. I tried journalling in my Filofax years ago, but then I read Ray Blakes book 'Journalling School' and I decided in 2013 to try using a separate book to journal in. I settled on using the Quo Vadis Daily 21, which is slightly smaller than A5 in size, it has a page per day. The text is multi language with English and French at the beginning.
    It is lined with times but I ignore those. The paper is excellent and takes fountain pen perfectly.
    I've just ordered my 2020 one.
    I've considered down sizing to a smaller one but I prefer this size even if I rarely fill a page.
    I enjoy journalling because it is the only way I can precisely remember things these days. One day is much like any other!!

  2. Thank you, Laurie. I like your setup. Where do you keep your daily to-do lists and such. Does that go into your FF? TYSM

    1. Sorry for my late reply! I use a large planner where I write my to-dos for specific days in the day spaces, and things that have to be done sometime during the week in the list spaces on weekly pages.

  3. I do an OTD page,a 52 week page from Peanuts Planner CO. National events from this week and or my events of importance,which are not many. OTD standing for on this day. Just room for 2 sentences, so a quick jotting. xx