23 September 2019

Filofax Est. 1921 Range

Filofax are approaching their centenary year in 2021, having been established in 1921. Naturally they aren't going to let this milestone pass without bringing out some new products to celebrate 100 years of the personal organiser.

We were given some hints of what we might expect to see at PlannerCon Europe in October 2017 and some more details at PlannerCon Europe in May 2019 and they have at long last appeared on their websites.

The 'fILOFAX EST 1921' range consists with two models at present, with a full range of products expected to launch in the coming weeks/months with organisers, as well as folios and a range of leather accessories.

All of the organisers exclude a dated diary insert, which is an interesting change, but at least you can choose the one you want from the Philofaxy range of free to download and print yourself inserts 😉

They all come in a luxury presentation box.

The Chester model has been on sale in Japan for nearly two years, as part of the upcoming centenary it is being introduced to other worldwide Filofax markets.

It will be available in A5 Compact, Personal and Personal Slim organisers sizes. It is made Italian Calf Leather, in Black, Brown and Red.

Filofax have been paying attention to what the competition is offering us and the Chester has two pen loops, in the personal and A5 compact sizes, so that gets my nod of approval!

The A5 compact comes with 15mm rings, personal with 23mm rings and the personal slim with 11mm rings.

The Chester model name has been used in the past (1996-97), but the two designs are very different from each other.

At first sight the prices might look expensive, but they are similar to what people pay for a Gillio Compagna or Van der Spek Custom organiser.

The other model to emerge in the 'fILOFAX EST 1921' range is the Classic Stitch Soft model range. Again in a variety of organisers and other products and leather accessories.

The organisers are in A5, Personal and Pocket sizes in 25mm, 23mm and 19mm ring sizes.

This model comes in Black, Grey and Peach with a chunky looking clasp too.

All sizes have the full width back pocket, useful for storing loose papers.

Again the internal designs are new and up to date in terms of what people want from an organiser these days.

Please see the Filofax website for full details and availability of these new products.


  1. Useful update thanks Steve.
    I can accept that the design of the Chester models ties back sufficiently to the company history to justify them being offered in this premium new range. But afraid I can’t say the same for the classic stitch models, which seem very undistinguished, at least in the photographs.

    1. I take your point about the Classic, but I think it stands as one of their best selling designs in the last 100 years hence why a variation of it (without the peeling plastic) is returning.

    2. I really like the look of the Classic. Mind you, I have fond memories of my first classic Filofax 20 years ago!

  2. They are doing a Gillio as everything is out of stock on the website!!! A bit expensive I thought and not at all fond of that peach colour. The grey though to me has my vote. Happy Birthday to FF. xx

    1. They will not be in stock until next month, hence why it says Out of Stock, further down the page is says coming in October.

  3. Although expensive, I’m pleased that they are launching a range with a distinct business appeal. For far too long, we’ve been overwhelmed with florals and pastels, pink, jade and lilac. It’s probably too late to entice many - particularly male - users back to Filofax, but it might.

    1. Couldn't agree more! It's about time there were some more practical models.