27 September 2019

Free for All Friday No. 568 by Nan

How do you handle daily routines—the things that you want to track everyday, like morning and evening routines, exercise, water drinking, and daily chores?

- You don't record them in your Filofax—these things are habits
- You print your own diary pages with the routines built in
- You use a custom rubber stamp to place your daily checklist on each day's page
- You create separate tracking pages by the day, week, or month

Of course, since it's Friday, all discussion of ring-bound organizers is welcome!


  1. I tried to document my daily routines but then I found 1) I’m not a fixed routine person and 2) I got really tired of living by tick-boxes. I stick with a simple todo list and get to it as my changing work hours allow.

  2. I use an annual tracking leaf (6 months per side) to record my visits to the gym. Seeing either many or few ticks in a month both have a motivational effect for me.

  3. I document in my planner, and fill in my long term tracker each week.

  4. I think I use a mixture:
    1) Some habits/routines I just do & don't feel the need to track
    2) For some, I just add to an ad hoc list as a reminder
    3) For any longer term things that I want to commit to, I create a separate checklist with my Hobonichi stencil.

  5. I use a Day-Timer Self-Stick Hot List. They are repositionable, like post-it notes. I have ones for Daily, Monday, and Friday. I track the completed tasks on my daily pages.