19 March 2020

10 things I wish I had known as a Filofax newbie - by Anita

1. How valuable a resource Philofaxy is!
I'd come across the site whilst searching for Filofax, but only more seriously started reading after my first purchase. It would have been very helpful to help me choose my first binder, but I don't think it even occurred to me how much information is on the site. 

2. Step away from that cherry personal Classic (my first one)
a) It will never lie flat
b) It will suffer with the known issue of bubbling/cracking of the leather coating after 10 months of gentle use. 

3. Do not sell your (first) crimson Malden
A5 is not the right size for you to use as your sole binder as it's too big. Put the crimson away and try out others, but you will want it back one day.

4. Personal size is 'the one' for you
Other sizes might sound great, but personal is the best compromise of page size and portability for you:
a) A4 sounds like a great idea, but oh so heavy and too big when open on your slim desk.
b) A5 is wonderful, but just too big to carry around with me.
c) A6 is actually a close second to personal as the binders are very portable and I also like the dimensions of the paper itself (only reason for not going completely over to A6 is due to the fact that all my supplies/inserts are in personal).
d) Pocket is actually the only regular size that I've never owned. Some one gave me some pocket inserts and I decided that the page size was too small as I write lots.
e) Mini seemed a great idea for a wallet/diary combo, but the diary pages are too tiny and the zipped pockets too fiddly to get into. 

5. Black binders are awesome but...
You will also need more colour, especially in the winter months. Owning just one black binder just won't suit you. 

6. Trust me, you will find planner peace
It might not be what you expect and it will also vary over time. Chill.

7. You are allowed to own more than one
I'm a minimalist at heart, but I've had a recent epiphany that my cycles of selling/buying are maybe telling me that I am allowed to own more than one.

8. Using two at the same time won't really work for you
For quite some years, I used a personal as my external brain and an A5 for longer notes/planning projects. However, my focus was always so much on my personal one that I rarely looked at A5. Buy an A5 Leuchtturm instead as it's much more portable.

9. Buying too many in a year will make you feel crazy
It's fairly easy for me to go on a slightly manic decluttering spree and if I've bought too many, there's a good chance I may sell them all when I don't really need to.

10. Enjoy using them and don't feel guilty about buying more
I'm always careful about how much I spend and rarely buy new, but I have got frustrated with myself sometimes when I've bought more. I'm not a collector by nature, but binders are lovely tactile objects, so I do enjoy using them to help me become more organised and feel more sane. Like many people in the community, I don't smoke, barely drink and am a pretty frugal person in general, so I figure owning a couple of lovely organisers is allowed... 


  1. What a lovely article. Some of these definitely struck a chord with my own experiences!

  2. I loved this article. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I had this article about ten years ago...lol

  3. Amen, Anita.....

    All your points resonated.