06 March 2020

Free For All Friday No 591 by Laurie

I use A5 exclusively now, but I still have a stockpile of Personal size pages from my years of using Personal size. I like to use Personal size pages in my A5 Filofax for a variety of things. (If you fold up the bottom corner of the Personal size page, it fits on the A5 rings.)

I still use my original monthly info pages from when I used Personal size binders. I have a blue Personal size page for every month with important dates for that month: birthdays, insurance payments due, and other reminders. I write these in pencil so I can update them when needed, and I move them from the current month to that month in next year's diary to have a perpetual reference every month.

I also like to use Personal size pages between my A5 weekly pages for extra space for lists or notes, or if a particular day needs more space. This allows me to keep these pages within the relevant week without obscuring my weekly view.

Have you come up with any other tricks for your Filofax pages?

As always on Fridays, feel free to ask/ discuss anything ring-binder organizer related!

1 comment:

  1. Like you,I’ve got lots of different sized blank leaves to use up. At my present rate of consumption, I’ve certainly enough to last me until I’m about 100! Rather than fold, I simply snip about 1cm off the bottom inside corner of a Personal sheet at a 45 degree angle. The Personal page then sits perfectly in an A5 binder without adding bulk. (This is the method Filofax uses to get the calculator accessory to fit both sizes)