16 March 2020

Gillio Special Limited Belgium Edition.

Gillio have today announced a Limited Edition called the 'Belgium Edition'. Gillio are of course based in Belgium, but their products are made and imported from Italy. 

The Belgium edition is limited to 200 items spread across three models. The Medium Compagna(Personal size), the Pocket XL Compagna (Pocket with 20mm rings) and the Appunto A6 (Notebook cover) each item is embossed with a unique number. 

Today we are going to look at the Medium Compagna from the 'Belgium Edition' range, the unique features extend to all three models. 

The box it comes in is in three national colours of the Belgium flag with the name clearly labelled on the lid of the box.  

Likewise the dustbag the item is contained in has the name on it and it is also a black dust bag rather than a  brown one.

Here is the Medium Compagna. The exterior is black with red piping around the outer edge with yellow stitching, following the colours of the national flag.

The leather piping is a change to the way the Compagna is normally made. However, I think it is a really good way of finishing off the edging of the organiser as it will stand up to wear and tear a lot better.

The leather is the usual high quality 'Epoca' vegetable tanned leather that Gillio use for all of their products.

The interior is the same design as usual, in red Epoca leather with the yellow stitching. The rings are Krause 26mm internal diameter in a black finish. Gillio also supplied a set of gold rings as well.

The inside front is in the usual Compagna design with the obvious exception that the zip has a leather pull over the metal tab. This has appeared in the past in Compagna organisers.

The card slots on the inside rear cover are neatly picked out by the yellow stitching around their edges.

A Compagna normally comes with one matching single sided leather flyleaf, the 'Belgium Edition' comes with three! Obviously you don't have to use all three at once.

The yellow flyleaf features a well-known land mark in Brussels. The Atomium was built for the 1958 Brussels World Expo.

The red flyleaf features an embossed map of Belgium.

The black flyleaf features another well known Brussels landmark Manneken Pis !

Each of the items in the 'Belgium Edition' has a serial number, this one is 099 out of the total 200 that have been made across the three different models. You can also see a close up of the leather piping and stitching that runs around the outside edge of the organiser.

Here is a close up of the leather zip closure.

The pen supplied with the organiser is a matt red finish. The inside of the clasp is black rather than red, but with yellow stitching.

All the hardware used is gold finish.

A close up of the outer edge leather piping used between the outside and the inside of the organiser.

Watch the announcement of this model on the Gillio Website.

Full details on prices and availability are on the Gillio Website here.

Thank you to Gillio Firenze for supplying this organiser for review.

Further information: 

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Email: helpdesk@gillio.be
Website: http://www.gillio.be
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