09 March 2020

Reader Question: The Filofax f

When did Filofax start to put their f logo on the spine of their organisers?

It was before 1999 as far as I can tell, but does anyone have a more accurate date/year?

Please comment below.


  1. I seem to remember the "f in an oval" started on the front outside cover of some of the cheaper models aimed at students, such as "The College" and "The Adventurer". This would have been about 1997. It must have been a popular move as they started putting it on the spine - certainly by 1999.

    1. I have got a Deskfax from 1995 with a ring around the 'f'.

  2. An embossed “f” on the spine is present on some examples from the end of the 1980’s, most likely to provide extra visual distinction between genuine Filofaxes and the many other brands that had emerged. The raised “f” in an enclosing oval came later as Tim mentions.

  3. I started buying Filofaxes in 1991 and all mine have the F.