21 August 2020

Free For All Friday No. 615 by Laurie

It's back to school time where we live, and this start of the school year is of course very different from years past. Over the weekend I filled in the upcoming school dates, and there wasn't much to fill in. All the normal activities are cancelled for the foreseeable future. I wrote in school holidays, but that was about it. It makes me sad that the students won't get to have after school activities, sports, field trips, and all the usual things that enhance their school experience so much.

With this "new normal" stretching into the distance, I have come to view everything I write in my planner as tentative. I don't like uncertainty so it makes me feel uneasy.

How are you coping lately? How has your planner helped you deal with the ever-shifting reality these days?

And as always, feel free to discuss anything ring-binder organizer related!

1 comment:

  1. In the "New Normal" my life has gotten busier. I work from home and I manage everything from A5 Filofax. I have made some changes to my organizer system. I was keeping track of some things on month overview pages - birthdays, walking, the cat's illness, etc. I wanted to keep this information in my organizer, but I found that my book would get too cumbersome. I bought a horizontal year planner and 2 vertical year planners. I transferred all of the tracked information to these pages so I have it with me always for a whole year in an easier to use format. I bought a set of monthly tabs from Filofax. I keep one year of these in my organizer. There is a To Do page behind each one to write down tasks that need to be completed in a certain month as well as the pages for the current month and the next month. These changes have been in place for about 3 months and are working for me.
    I also made an interesting discovery about myself. I rediscovered my love of jigsaw puzzles. If I work on a jigsaw puzzle in the evenings, I no longer have the urge to gut and re-organize my Filofax system when I get stressed! My desire to "get organized" when I already am, is used on the puzzle where it does no harm. It has been very peaceful.