07 August 2020

Free For All Friday - No. 613 by Steve

The other day I was killing some time in our local store that sells stationery and office supplies and I spotted that they had diary inserts in stock.

I sort of felt compelled to buy one, why I don't know, but printing personal size is always quite time consuming even if the lay out you can buy isn't optimal for my use, let alone that I don't normally use personal size!

So I bought this one on the right, one small issue is that QV inserts are 5 mm wider than Filofax ones, ie the width of your tabs if you use dividers. I easily fixed this by trimming 5mm off all the sheets the outside edge. No printed information was lost doing this thank goodness!

I've inserted the pages in to one of my personal size organisers to try out starting in September. The inserts run from September 2020 through to December 2021, they are printed on decent paper too, a bonus!

Have you decided yet what format/size to use next year?

As always you can of course discuss anything organiser related. Have a good weekend.

As a side note,  SPAM comments on Philofaxy are at very high levels at present.

All comments have been moderated for over six months because of this problem. However, they still keep arriving, so I have had to up the anti against the bots trying to post links to dubious sites by requesting that you complete the captcha verification as well.

An inconvenience I know, but better than the flood of rubbish in the in-box.


  1. Is the Quo Vadis paper thin and fountain pen friendly? I am looking for personal sized inserts that are Tomoe River paper (or equiv.) that aren't a huge price. the Raymay Davinci bible sized refill sfit Filofax personal, but they cost a lot and the postage is prohibitive.
    I can print my own on my Tomoe River paper but as you mentioned printing our for personal size is time consuming

    1. It's fountain pen friendly, but in no way is it thin like TRP. It's more Clairefontaine quality. Like 90gsm, I think. Steve?

    2. Yes much thicker than TRP, I would say it's about 80gsm which what I have in my A5 at present.

    3. Steve, I get it that you take ring spacing for granted then using QV A5 inserts then?

    4. These are Personal size, therefore the same ring spacing as Filofax Personal. The QV A5's are different ring spacing to Filofax A5, the QV A5's use personal size spacing, not Filofax A5. I've bought those in the past and re-punched them!

  2. I'm going to try Pocket size in 2021. I'm printing my own inserts, even if it is indeed time consuming... And I'll also use my trusted Hobonichi Weeks.

  3. All I know is I want to stick with A6 size in 2021. I am loving that format. A week on one page may work better for me to yield more ring space if I can work out how best to date the inserts I have in mind from Peanuts Planner Co. My handwriting will not do for dating my printables, as somehow I can never get it even enough. Decisions,decisions,eh!!!! I did find peace this year though in Philofaxy dated inserts for appointments on the left hand side and a task page on the right. So although bulky, part of me thinks,why re-invent the wheel if what I have has worked? Still a bit Summery and early for me to be thinking of 2021!!! I love impulse stationery buys such as yours Steve. xxxx