28 August 2020

Free for All Friday No. 616 by Nan

While seeking my ideal planner solution this summer, I've done a lot of migrating: that is, copying information forward. The beauty of ring-bound planners is that they minimize handwritten migration.

If you miss a task, you can simply open the rings and move the to-do page forward instead of crossing out the task and copying it to a later date. I try to avoid spending time migrating and just write things down once. On the other hand, taking the time to migrate tasks and other items gives you a chance to slow down and think about how best to use your time. How do you migrate? Of course, since it's Friday, all discussion of ring-bound organizers is welcome.


  1. I have an A6 25mm ring binder. How full is full in your A6 binders? Thanks. xx

  2. I think there is a post that has pictures of how full rings should be. I tried to find it, but was unsuccessful.

    1. I think this is the one:

    2. Yes! That is the one. Thank you.

  3. Re: Migration - This month I started a monthly To Do list as the first page after the month tab. I am thinking that I will be migrated to the next month. On my daily pages, if I have tasks that didn't get done, I put an arrow and move them to the next time I think I will have time to get it done.