28 March 2021

Filofax Lifestyle Refills

Filofax have recently announced a new series of inserts in A5, Personal and A5 notebook sizes. 

They are available in three different designs and each one comes as a pack of 56 sheets. 

Shown below is the Project and Goals insert. Set goals and prioritise to-dos with our Personal Projects & Goals tracker refill, a great aid for speeding up the workload.

For those of you that plan your meals at the start of the week, the Meal Planner insert looks perfect to be included in your organiser. The grocery list on the reverse side is a great addition. You could have a selection of these that you could reuse every few weeks and you would have the basic essentials prepared for all the meals planned. 

The Wellness Goals insert includes space to record various things for each day of the week. With a diary type space on the reverse for each day. This insert would form a great addition to your organiser for a health section, or as part of a dedicated health organiser. Like the others it is available in Personal size and A5 size for rings or the Filofax A5 notebooks. 

You will find these inserts available at Filofax UK and other local outlets. 


  1. Oh for an A6 size from FF UK. Love these. xxxx

  2. I really like the wellness inserts! I can see them being my new weekly planner, regardless of the "wellness" focus. Great layout. Can't wait for these to hit AUS.