04 March 2021

Van der Spek Custom Layout Update

In co-operation with Petra Van der Spek, I came up with a new internal layout that I liked better than their standard layout for A5 organisers. 

Here in the photo below is the new optional layout on the left and the normal layout on the right for a Custom A5 Van der Spek.

The first obvious difference is the change to the number of card slots, these are replaced with other slots. 

The image below shows the full internal layout. 

The rear inside pocket arrangement is the same as the normal layout with a full height slip pocket and a full height zip pocket, with the zip on the outer edge so it doesn't get under your pages. 

The new optional inside front layout has:

  • Three vertical card slots
  • A business card horizontal slip pocket behind that. 
  • A deeper booklet slip pocket above the business card slot. 
  • Two full height slip pockets. 
  • Elasticated pen loop.
The revised front layout has become so popular, it is now an option for all Custom A5 organisers on the Van der Spek website.

Source:Instagram @vdsshop 

You can now specify the 'Steve Layout' as well as Janet Leather! 


  1. Steve well done getting your name on a VDS customisation! You are so famous!! :D

  2. How fun, as if you weren't famous enough :)

  3. Love the layout & you definitely deserve the recognition!

  4. What an awesome design! Kudos to you for influencing a new product design. If I used A5, I'd certainly use it.

  5. Congratulations! It looks like a very functional design. :D

  6. If/when I can afford this, it is what I would want. Well done.

  7. Excellent idea, Steve!

    So, next time I order a VDS, I'll just say, "I'll take a Janet with Steve..."....