16 September 2021

2022 and beyond diary inserts - How to:

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As you will have seen earlier this week I released the 2022 inserts and following years on the blog. This follows the big task of reorganising all of the files on philofaxy.com. Hopefully they are all where they should be going forward. I will also be able to see on the new server what files are downloaded and how many times!

The files are organised slightly differently to before. Ray and I think it is more logical than before. 

Going forward we are restricting ourselves to this following list of files.

All of the old source files are still listed and still available for you to download and do the merge yourself. You will be able to continue to create those files from now til dooms day! A recap on how to edit and create those will be coming up soon. 

The list of files that we continue to create might expand, but in a more orderly fashion compared to before.  They will follow our new method. 

The new list needs some explanation. Here is that explanation...

The Ref number is just an indicator for each series of inserts, first digit is the insert size, the second digit the time divisor (day per page, week per page etc) and the third digit shows the version of the particular design the name refers to. 

Format indicates the page size proportions, A4/A5 is for all ISO sizes so this includes A6, B5(Deskfax), B6 etc You might need to make some small font size adjustments for the smaller sizes. 

Name (Preview) we have kept the same names as in previous years as closely as possible. Click on the name and you should be taken to a preview of the file. The previews are for 2020 or later, these will not be updated each year, they will stay the same unless the design changes. 

Word PDF these are the links to the pre-merged files for the year at the head of the columns, download these to just print off the file of your choice. 

Word Excel  these are the links to the Word and Excel Source files for you to download to do your own adjustments to our initial files. Like before you need both files. The Excel files are now different in their make up. You will find a 'Year' worksheet this is where you unsurprisingly set the year for the file you wish to create. Save the Excel file once you have set the year. There aren't different source files for different years, if you open the Excel file and you find it set to a different year than the one you want to create, just change it in Year worksheet and save the file. 

Merge Sheet this indicates which of the Excel worksheets you should merge into your word file after you have done your edits. The Excel files are now set up to do several insert designs so there are sometimes more than just a single worksheet in each file. 

Merging the files is much the same as before. 

  1. Download the Word and Excel File. You need both files. 
  2. Edit the year in the Excel file for the year you wish to create. If you are doing academic year you need to create the start year and the following year and then join the two together for the same insert. 
  3. Open the Word file and note the merge sheet to use. 
  4. Make any small edits you want before merging the files to a new file. 
  5. Remove the section breaks using find and replace. This maintains the correct page margins. 
  6. Save your file if it all looks ok. Other wise go back to your Word file and make further changes before doing the merge again.  

You will find tutorial videos towards the bottom of the diary inserts page that take you through the various steps. 

See also the tips there on printing your files. 

You will find all of the 2022 files here. It's possible there might be some broken links or incorrect links please report these direct to me, thank you. 

Thank you to Ray Blake for his continued support and co-operation in helping to create the many different files for us to use.

Creative Commons License

This work by Philofaxy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Please download, adapt, use, share, but do not charge or use commercially.


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