23 September 2021

Planning for 2022?

After what has happened over the last two years, I've been cautious to say the least about trying to plan much more than a few weeks ahead of time. 

However, after writing about diary inserts for 2022, it sort of got me thinking about the coming year. I therefore downloaded my insert of choice from Philofaxy... naturally!  

I then added my own information to specific dates like key birthdays and public holidays for UK and France. Then I went to print them out. 

Stumbling block number one.. since MacOS was last updated 'Booklet Printing' seems to have go AWOL for our HP LaserJet printer. Looking on the HP support site this has been reported for a host of other printers as well when using both Windows 10 or MacOS Big Sur. 

I didn't think to try Windows 10, may be another time. I resorted to using an older iMac I still have which isn't up to date, but it still works. After a slight delay whilst that came to life, but it printed out the file to the printer without any issues... phew...saved!

I cut the pages in half and punched them, then for a fancy finish I also used my corner cutter to round the page corners. 

With nothing immediately to plan in 2022 I've put them in to my Filofax Chester A5 Compact, even though it only has 15mm rings, it takes a full 12 months of week on two pages easily with capacity for any additional pages I need. 

When do you get your inserts ready for next year? 


  1. Do you combine with digital or are you planning 100% in your A5?

    1. I use digital for repetitive tasks, but I copy them to my paper planner each week, so everything is on paper. I use a digital calendar to share events with my family too.

  2. When the current year starts bleeding over! :)