03 September 2021

Free For All Friday - No. 669 by Steve

I’m fairly well known for my love of technology. I have a load of Apple products simply because it just works….. well to a point!

However, no matter what brand or type of modern tech, I hate it when something is no longer supported or you can no longer be used because it is considered to be out of date. I’m sure we all have plenty of examples of that kicking around our offices. My Psion 5Mx is perfect example. It still works to a point but not usable to the same extent as it was 20 years ago!

This is why I love paper planners, 100 or so years later the basic design remains the same. The basic concept over that time hasn’t changed, because ‘it just works’ 

Could it be improved? I suspect not, but tell us what you would improve when if comes to your Filofax personal organiser. 

Of course it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. Have a good weekend. 


  1. I think a design of rings that reduces the volume of them somehow when open and writing on the wrong side.

    I have always found that the left hand page is practically half the writing real estate because of the rings. A notebook you get to use more of the page.

    It could just be me and my writing style of course. Or I'm a miser who hates wasting things to an obsessive level.

    Oh and instructions inside new folofaxes showing how to open and close them. I had mine for decades before finding out about the opening tabs. Seriously, I never saw anything about that until reading it on here. No videos, pictures, online comments or anything. It was a real light bulb moment as it's
    I'd always wondered about the tabs. Seemed superfluous to requirements until I was let in on the secret.

    That's possibly just another me being me thing that nobody else thinks.

    1. Bingo. My complaint about the filofax is exactly onefold: those rings and trying to write around them. I usually resolve it by opening the rings and taking the piece of paper out, which puts wear and tear on the rings and means they will likely die earlier than they need to.

  2. It would be hard to improve on pen and paper. But where they reside could certainly be jazzed up. How about hinging the folder using some of those very innovative hinge systems found on modern laptops? And having rings (and even pen loops) which could change size as per requirements (e.g. which disappeared into themselves instead of two halves abutting)? The current ring technology is very old, and it's bulky - it could certainly be improved.

  3. Having page lifters supplied as standard with medium and large ring binders would be good. I followed the instructions in the 17th May 2021 post here to make some for my main binder and they have proved very successful.