20 September 2021

Creating Diary Inserts

"Creating diary inserts is easy".... said no one! 

Well it is if you have done it a few hundred times like Ray and I have.

As we are no longer creating merged files for all of the whole range, you might have to create your own from the source files which are still available. 

Firstly check the current list to see if there is a merged version of your desired insert. If there is download and print in the usual way. 

If not then scroll down the page and you will find the older versions. 

Here is a simple flow chart on how to create a diary insert with the older versions.

That might be a bit small to read, so you can download a PDF of it here

On the same page, you will also find video tutorials for different versions of MS Office. Our files only with with Microsoft Office because we use a mail-merge process to create the finished files from the date information contained in an Excel spreadsheet.  

Diary inserts for 2022 are now available with inserts of for 2023 and 2024 also available here. You will find instructions on using the new style files there too, it's only slightly different to the above. 

If you are still struggling to create a file from the source files, then please drop a comment below or contact Steve via email or via social media. 

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