10 September 2021

Free For All Friday - No. 670 by Anita

As I recently passed my first 6 months in my new job, I thought that it was about time to review how well (or not) my A5 Original is working for me. Initially I was keeping all my training notes and to dos in my Original, but as time has gone on and I've increased my hours, I've found that a hybrid system of my Filofax and an Excel spreadsheet seems to be the best for me. I'm really enjoying using A5 again (after selling my last A5 some years ago)  and am finding it the perfect size for taking notes, whilst still having enough room on my desk to use my keyboard. As I solely work from home, this is much more important as my desk is much smaller than the one I used to have in an office. It's still a work in progress, but I promise that I will write a work set up post soon and it's been an interesting experiment as I admit that I've never used a Filofax for work before! 

Do you find that a hybrid set up of using paper and your phone/computer works best for you for work as well?

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. I hope that you have a great weekend. 


  1. In my current position I spend an extraordinary amount of time waiting for people to get back to me. I find that creating a digital tickler file that will notify me when it's been a week or whenever since I requested something, to be far better for me than paper.

  2. I am in planner muddle mode. Recovering from a stroke. All hard work at the mo. xxxxxx

  3. I do use my outlook calendar for work tasks, especially if they come in late in the day or at the end of the week. Mainly, it’s to prompt me in case I fail to add the task to my personal week on two pages.

    Pre-pandemic, I was a die hard A5 user for work and the weekly time management pages, but now since we’re still 100% telework, I decided to try the personal size again. I was using A5 for work and personal tasks and a satellite pocket for personal tasks to carry in my purse. I will admit that trying to keep both my A5 and pocket in sync was getting laborious. (Yes, I’m lazy!). Now that Filofax has brought back the black Malden, I am eyeing getting a new pocket Malden. I miss the feel of the pocket in my hand, but I don’t think I can use a pocket for both my work and personal tasks because of the page size.

    So, I’m vacillating between my old A5/pocket combo versus downsizing to just a pocket. Hmmm.. I could just add a section in the pocket just for work tasks.

    Either way, I need to make a decision because it’s time to order my 2022 diary inserts.

    Has anyone successfully used a pocket for both work and personal tasks?

  4. The old saying of if its not written down, you will not remember is so true. So I use the computer for Tasks and meeting appointments. But then still write them in the filofax, so that when I am away from the computer, I still have it on the page for that day.

  5. Hey! Does anyone know how strong the magnets in oli clips are? Could they affect data storage devices if adjacent to them. It might be a stupid question but coming from the floppy disc era I've had a few corrupted data so is something I worry about.

    Sorry if this is my not a good place to ask.