12 November 2021

Free For All Friday No 679 by Laurie

I use monthly pages in my Filofax as a record of events that happened, to make it easy to reference later. I archive the year's monthly pages at the front of each year's archive binder, with the weekly pages behind. If I need to find an event, I can find it in the monthly pages and then find more details recorded in the weekly pages. 

Recently I had an idea. Instead of archiving the monthly pages with the year's weekly pages in annual archive binders, what if I archive several years of monthly pages together in one archive binder. This would make it easier to find specific events if I can't remember the year. I might also like to make a small daily note of the weather on the monthly pages, to be able to compare year on year for example when weather turns cold, when snow starts, when flowers start to bloom, etc.

I haven't done this yet because it would require me digging out my archive binders and collating the monthly pages together into one storage binder. But I really like the idea of a multi-year Master Index of Events.

Have you ever done something similar, or a different method to easily index events over the years?

As always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organiser related!


  1. That’s sort of what I do! I keep the previous year (currently 2020) intact, as this is what I’m most likely to need to refer to in the coming months. After a year, I rationalise the contents right down and just keep the year/monthly planing pages, goals and a few important leaves. These go with previous years in an archive organiser so all the years are together. This is great to flick through on a rainy day! The only drawback is that I’ve switched sizes several times since the 1990s, so some years have had to be repunched or kept in a separate binder.

  2. Thanks for this Tim! That sounds like a great system, and so easy to reference later (even despite the varying sizes).

  3. I got filofax monthly pages and used it for the first time this year. I put it b closest to the start of the new month week to a page with notes insert from filofax. It is annoying in that you have a few days of the old month after the new month page. I really need a weekly diary insert sub week on right and new on left that only n have days from one month on them so I can use the monthly page as a divider.

    It's little things like this that grate with me.

    As to archiving. I think I would take it out as I used it and file all yearly pages together. I might take the monthly pages out because of the above niggle. This would make the monthly a kind of yearly contents pages.