11 November 2021

Pill Reminder

I have hit that age were I have to take regular medication every day. 

However, did I take it... did I not take it? Ahhh my very short term memory is rubbish. Walk in to a room and I've already forgotten why I am there! Well may be not quite that bad, but you know what I mean. 

Yes I can have electronic reminders for these things, but they are too easy to 'cancel' or ignore. 

To combat this I created a new insert for my 'notebook' organiser, a personal size that normally sits on my bedside table.  The action of taking a pill out of the packet and then striking a line through the symbol on the page seems to work.... for me anyway!

I think it's fairly self explanatory. My medication comes in packs of 28 pills, they are arranged in four columns of 7 pills. A week at a time. One lot of pills are white... the other red! 

You can of course edit the form to suit your own medication numbers/colours and if you want to you can of course adjust the sizing to fit other page sizes as required. 

It is available here in Word and PDF formats. Print one side then the other separately and you will save paper. 

I quickly did an A6 version as well, to be printed on A6 size paper.

Stay healthy!


  1. This is a great idea, and also usable for other things, like counting how many glasses of water have you taken. But just in case this may not be working, consider using an abacus. Leave it where you have your medicines and assign each row a medication. (Put tags if needed). Then push a bead from the starting pile to the finishing end for each you need to take it.

    This works only if there are no children, pets or anyone around to mess up with the abacus, of course. :-)

  2. Thank you for the useful chart. The way I keep track is by a commercial pill holder box marked by the day. they are also available marked by day and time. Easy to look in the box to check whether it's empty or not.