19 November 2021

Free for All Friday No. 680 by Nan

On the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, the Grace character is seen tossing a Filofax-type organizer into her bag. Grace is an overachieving perfectionist, in contrast to Frankie's creative, spiritually minded hippie. It occurs to me that directors use organizers as a prop when they want to show that a character is organized, successful—a Type-A, so to speak.  

When I pull out my Filofax—the one in which I store all of my credit, insurance, and rewards cards—people often say something like, "You're so organized!" even though I'm really not. 

Is there a Filofax personality type? Does your Filofax reflect your personality, or vice-versa?

Of course, since it's Friday, feel free to discuss anything organizer-related!


  1. Well I've just ordered two used Starbucks gift cards from America to full up my deskfax card pocket which holds 972 Credit cards you peasants 😁

  2. Actually, Nan, I think you're probably more organised than you think, just by virtue of having a tool to do the job. I get the same comment at supermarket checkouts etc., and when I seee somoene with a planner I immediately equate them with somoene who at least cares about having everything 'together in one place', and in business with someone who takes organisation seriously - and who therefore cares about honouring their commitments.

    Carrying the tool sends a powerful, if often subliminal message to others, no matter how much you feel you're utilising the potential (and of course we all should!).

    Very few people ever got successful by not being organised (unless they employed someone to organise for them, and then I bet they had the planning skills their employer was lacking).

  3. I’ve always lacked confidence in my organisation skills and in my early forties I was finally diagnosed with adhd. I work in a university research lab and my Filofax help me stay afloat, but I do still get distracted and forget things, and I feel self conscious about this. However, I am also an actor, and compared with other theatre folk, my organisation skills are pretty good. I often take on the role of keeping others on track. I guess I might be more organised than I think. Maybe the stereotype of Filofax on TV came about from this dynamic among actors!