22 November 2021

Filofax on the Internet?

I was curious about an element of the history of Filofax and their website the other day. 

"When did Filofax have their first website?"

Should be a simple question to answer? Well sort of, looking at the catalogues we have in the archive, the first mention I see of a web address is in the 1999/2000 catalogues. 1999 in the case of a USA sales brochure and the full catalogue for UK in 2000

Remember in UK people would have still been on dial-up modems (56k) at best in 2000, ADSL broadband didn't start to get rolled out until 2002-2003. Any website would have had to been fairly streamlined to have worked back then compared to what we see today. 

The first web address I found was http://www.filofax.com. Putting that in to the 'Web Archive' found captures going back to December 1996. But when you look at the page it displays 'The Daily Planner' with a Broadway, New York address with info@filofax.com And the fILOFAX logo on the page.  

Later captures do display some of the elements I remember from the early 2000's such as the phone number for ordering! Also 'For best results use: Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0!' I doubt if the download links work these days!

Another address in the USA used from 2000/2001 is www.filofax-usa.com or www.filofaxusa.com the earliest captures I could find that displayed anything close to what we would recognise as a 'web page' was the in January 2001

Sadly the Web Archive only captures the text and not all of the images. 

The web site was just a virtual catalogue in the early days, there was no on-line ordering back then. You could order by phone and sadly missed these days, they included a list of stockists, that you could filter by county. 

It was an interesting look back at the early pages of the internet world wide web. I created some web pages in 1994 for our internal network at work, all very unofficial at first! I created a website for Alison's business in about 1995 but the earliest capture I could find was 1998! Most of it still works too! Website coding was a very simple affair and by hand back then!

It was also the start of the Pembury Village News website.... which is still going today at https://pembury.org!! But that's getting a bit off topic....

What do you miss on the current Filofax website that was included in the past? 


  1. ' What do you miss on the current Filofax website that was included in the past? '

    The list of Stockists.

  2. What I really miss are the printed catalogues and stock lists in personal size that could fit in your binder!
    Those had existed since the very start of Lefax and Filofax days. I guess the website is just one of a variety of reasons why they are no longer produced.

  3. I've got some early Deskfax address pages, they feature Electronic mail address circa 1996 era