21 June 2018

One Book July

July is just over a week away. Who will be taking part in One Book July this year?

Firstly, what is One Book July? I believe it started about 4 years ago. A small group of people in the planner community came up with the idea of trying to stick to just using one planner/book for the whole month of July.

There is a great post about the history of 'One Book July' in Paper Planning Magazine it goes in to full detail, so I won't repeat that here.

There are also a lot of videos on You Tube about various peoples approach to One Book July and how they faired etc.

I personally think that only using one planner for a whole month and not changing during that month will certainly make people focus on the good and the bad features of a particular organiser. Or the type of inserts you have been using, or the method of your planner usage in the year so far.

Hopefully you will gain from the experience in taking part in the challenge.

Good luck.


  1. If I can make it 'two book July' I would participate! I have to have a separate organiser for work - which I cannot take home, so I also need a personal one for me to use as my own planner.

  2. Ooooh, I love this challange! I use a new planner, this is from Hungary, a beautiful Saturnus. In the last two years I used different types of planners (pocket/personal/A5/Filofax notebook/bullet journal). By now my Saturnus bring me the "planner peace". I want to use it for more and more task and function. Dear Steve! I read your blog regularly, So far I have not commented on it. Thank you for the inspirations!

  3. I am using my weekly layout I designed in Word and printed on paper of a bound book for June, July and the remaining months of the year. Instead of binding this book with staples I placed an elastic band around the cover of the notebook and the sheets. Then I will place the product in a folder with pockets to conceal the part of the band on the outside of the cover of the notebook.

    Initially I intended to print my weekly layout on paper for my approximate A6 notebook with discs but the discs are too small for the dated sheets of seven months. I will use this notebook for lists and other information. Using one product in July seems positive if relying on many items causes a negative outcome.

  4. I always use just one planner so I could totally do the challenge in July!

  5. Thanks for this post. I've never heard of One Book July before, and although I'm never going to reduce my planning set up quite this far, it could certainly be simplified. I'm off to watch some Youtube videos.