01 April 2021

Free For All Friday No 647 by Laurie

In February of last year I started tracking various things that I wanted to do more often. Now that I've been tracking for more than a year, I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't.

In February of 2020 I started using a monthly tracker page to track things like strength training, cardio, stretching, qigong (which I had just started and wanted to get in the habit of doing daily), etc. At the end of that month I moved my trackers to my weekly pages, so I could see what I wanted to do daily/ regularly alongside my schedule. I found this to be more helpful than having my trackers on a separate monthly page, so I could see where to fit things into my days. Ever since then (March 2020) I've been drawing in a simple tracker on my weekly pages with boxes to fill in each day that I do an activity.

I find it very helpful to track some things, like strength exercises, cardio, and stretching, to make sure I do them often enough. I stopped tracking quigong after the first month because it made me feel so much better, I actually want and need to do it every day, so it's non-negotiable. I do it every day before breakfast.

Other things I gave up tracking. I thought adding a Cleaning tracker would make me clean more often. It didn't. I went back to using a cleaning checklist.

Also I stopped tracking my language learning, because the language learning app I use tracks it anyway so it was redundant for me to track it too. 

Do you use trackers in your planner? What have you found helpful to track?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring-binder organiser related!


  1. I’m using a Filofax horizontal year planner to track my decluttering. Any day I declutter I enter the number of items (both large and small) that have been removed for donation, recycling or rubbish. At the end of each month I total up the numbers. I don’t feel any pressure to declutter every day so it’s not really a daily tracker...more as and when. It’s very satisfying to see the amount of unwanted stuff I’ve managed to throw out though.