02 September 2022

Free For All Friday - No. 721 by Steve

September is upon us and with it the days seem to be getting shorter. Although at the time of typing this we have had yet another 31 degree C day in France, that's 88F in old money! However, we did have some rain and thunder in the early evening to relieve the humid atmosphere. 

September is almost a turning point for me, a time in the year when I have a few little jobs outside to get done to prepare things for winter. Nothing too strenuous but just lots of small tasks outside. I have created a simple to-do list, so I don't forget to do anything! 

Do you have a seasonal to-do list to remember tasks you have to do each year? 

Of course it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything organiser related... 

And don't forget it's Skype Round-Table chat on Sunday.... 


  1. Great timing, Steve, as I was only recently considering setting up some seasonal checklists, after reading some posts on the Franklin Planner blog & finding their checklists:

    My husband does most of the gardening, but I thought that it would be nice to help him and also get outside more before the winter comes.

  2. Hi everyone, big fan of this site and recent convert to filofax with a slightly off topic question - does anyone know anything about the Identity range? I am struggling to find any information about it online, but it seems to be similar to the metropol...?

    And this really is a well timed post as I am setting up my autumn houseplant feeding schedule as we speak!