29 September 2022

Future Podcast/Plannercast Topics

We have been 'broadcasting' since February 2016, with 130 episodes published already and a few more in the pipeline to be recorded in the coming weeks as time allows.

The podcast is now available on Spotify and Google Podcasts, in addition to the usual sources. So what ever device or app you use, you should be able to find us. See the full list here, each one holds all of the previous episodes:
You don't have to go back to the first one, we have tried to make each one a complete episode and we attempt to avoid mentioning when it was recorded, so you can dip in to and listen to them in any order and listen to just the episodes that interest you. 

We have a Patreon page for people to be able to donate a small amount of money or more if they wish. The money helps to support the podcast team (Karine and Steve) and the money is used to pay for services we use to publish the podcast episodes as well as equipment and service updates to keep the quality of the podcast as high as possible.

We are giving Patrons some exclusive content and the ability to listen to new episodes a few days earlier than others. We will always keep them free to listen to generally. However, the subscription income helps us to keep the podcast 'advert free' without advert breaks and annoying 'plugs' for non-relevant companies etc.

If you have any ideas for future episodes even if it is a topic we might have previously discussed please email steve at philofaxy dot com  and the email will find its way to Karine and Steve.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

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