23 September 2022

Free for All Friday No. 724 by Nan

Sort of related to Anita's Free for All Friday a few weeks ago, I've also tried using bound journals from time to time during the past couple of years, and have always returned to a ring-bound organizer. There are a number of reasons I find that rings work better, but the number 1 is that I have multiple projects and pursuits going at once. Having movable pages makes it possible for me to juggle whatever my current priorities require. 

What's your #1 reason for coming back to your tried-and-true organizer format (whatever it may be)?

As always on Friday, feel free to discuss any other organizer-related topic you wish!


  1. I have just gone back to Filofax. I will still use my iPhone for reminders but having paper in front of me let’s me see a clear picture of my projects and appointments without distractions from other apps.

  2. I use bound books/planners for my daily journal. And rings for planning. This combination works best for me.

  3. I'm with Steve. Bound books for journaling, which for me is a permanent record. My ring planner is for my calendar, projects, lists, and other temporary things. Granted, I currently archive my planner inserts. I don't know how long I'll keep that up before recycling them.

  4. For journaling bound A5, for work digital, for personal paper and leather and fountain pen. It helps being creative and gives the sense of having time in your hands.

  5. For me it’s about my changing needs, ability to change things up as often as I want. I design, print and cut my own inserts so if I want to do more planning one week and less the other I can switch instantly.

  6. My number 1 reason is because I've found that it works for me with minimal fuss:
    - Bound book for journalling
    - A combination of bound book & digital for work
    - Personal Filofax for everything else.

  7. I use bound as a bullet journal for work. It's a good record of my activity and calculations. I also use my outlook to archive emails and an easy initial to do list to keep important emails related to projects to hand.

    I use a filofax personal for a diary function for mostly personal matters and appointments. I'm irregular with it for various reasons.

    I use a travelers notebook clone for working through projects and ideas within projects. They can be work related or personal matters such as planning career change / job search.

    Within that I'll use various other notebooks as I find a need for them.

    Above all I believe in practicality with my stationery choice. If I find a use for a type of notebook or system I'll use it but when it's not needed it'll lie dormant. I'm never completely tied into any system, no fanatic here.