30 September 2022

Free For All Friday - No. 725 by Steve

I have just returned from a long stay in UK visiting family and friends. There was due to be a Philofaxy Meet Up, sadly this had to be cancelled... not due to lack of interest, but it clashed with firstly a train strike and after that was called off, it would have been the weekend before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. 

It just didn't feel like the right thing to do, to hold a meet up just before such a sombre occasion as the funeral of the monarch. With thousands of people visiting London to pay their last respects to the Queen, the trains were full to capacity from what I've heard from friends that ventured in to London that weekend. 

Today I'm going to be unpacking and getting back in to my normal routine here in France. But my organiser travelled with me and I've been assembling a list of jobs to get done on my return! It never seems to stop! 

Do you take your organiser when you go away? Do you change size or just use your current  size? 

As it is Friday, of course you are free to discuss anything Filofax related. Have a good weekend. 


  1. I just took a travellers notebook clone passport size instead. Didn't need it but it sat in a crossbody bag I had with me in case. If was just a chill out, leave everything back in England sort of a holiday though.

  2. I have a personal sized filofax and wondered if there's an infill for just three rings? Just read about a Japanese ring based notebook system that had similar 3 - 3 ring system as filofax personal and bigger. The brand produced full sized paper infills and half height ones. I wondered if you could get that for split 6 ring filofax sizes? I think i might use it more if I could get something like that.

  3. I use a FF Malden, pocket, zipped for travel: itinerary, scans of tickets & barcodes, travel journal and expanses record all go in there. It has an exterior pocket that a passport fits into nicely as well. Just back from UK and included one of the old London A-Z maps in there too, still useful! Wouldn't leave home without it.

  4. I switch my A5 Malden into an A5 Calipso for the workhorse. Keep my personal and pocket near me for reference and wallet.TULJessiešŸŒ»