12 September 2022

Getting back to rings - my minimal Lefax set up

As mentioned in one of my previous Free For All Fridays, I've had a couple of months off from using an organiser and I feel that the break has served me well. I hadn't set any deadline for my return, but have recently started to feel ready to get back to it, so I thought that I would share with you the first of my two possible set ups. I have some backlog projects that I want to clear, plus the majority of my to do lists etc. are all out of date and a good review is needed anyway. 

I bought this beautiful Lefax City slimline on eBay last year, but I admit that it was bought on a bit of a whim and it's just been sat in a drawer. Whilst I love the slimine size and have owned some before, I've always ended up selling them as I find that normally the small rings don't have quite enough capacity for everything that I want to keep, plus spare paper. However, I do think that the size could work well for planning a particular project, so for the time being I will be using the Lefax as my main binder, alongside my Kensington which will hold any old notes or to do lists that need going through.

Like some slimlines, the Lefax doesn't have a penloop, so initially I tried using an Oli Clip, but eventually decided to go with the simplest option of just clipping the pen clip to the front. I think this works well with the Kaweco Sport as it's such a small pen when the cap is on.  

Dividers from Kate After Coffee (purchased by myself, not an affiliate link)

As I'm just easing myself into getting things done, my Lefax has just two sections - 1) Inbox and 2) Lists. I've found over the years that having an inbox as my first section works really well for me, so that I can just write something down without needing to think about where it should go. As per usual, I'm using up some out of date diary pages for writing notes. 

For my lists, I'm using some Raymay Davinci checklist sheets, which I really like. I don't remember buying these, so I think they were gifted to me by a friend.

My first list will be for next actions and any other lists will just be created as I need them. Once again, I don't have a deadline for how long I plan to use this super simple set up, but I love the idea of this fresh start, whilst I can also be working through old notes in the Kensington and adding anything that needs to be kept. I can imagine that when I've made some good progress on the contents of the Kensington, then I will be ready to move back to using personal size again as my main planner as I will also start wanting to look at other projects that need completing. 

Another potential set up that I will be looking at is to have these two sections at the front of the Kensington, and then to have the backlog as a third section after that. However, I will be trying this set up in my Lefax first to see how I get on.


  1. Great minimal setup Anita, so neat. I’m currently in personal compact size and love seeing other functional slim planners.

    1. Thanks, Sally. I'm really enjoying it currently & loving using such a slim binder.

  2. Love it. Compacts and slims are awesome. I'm following the example of a Bug's Lady post where a compact planner section is up front (eg month overviews for storing) followed by a short period of dailies for disposing of due to the mostly inconsequential details of daily life e.g. "to do - vac the living room!!".
    Very useful for me.
    I'd spent a few years in moleskine because I hadn't found a filofax set up that worked for me ... Think I've crossed a bridge and finally get to use my lovely binders!!

    1. Thanks! I think that your set up sounds great & glad to hear that it's working for you.