19 September 2022

Pottering with my Filofax

Potter (verb) - to move around without hurrying, and in a relaxed and pleasant way. US may use putter instead.

Growing up in a family business meant that there was always work to be done. As a child, I enjoyed helping out, but could see the pressure that was on my parents, so I think that's why I love it when I can take my time to potter about.

I admit that for a while, I was a bit addicted to reading productivity blogs etc., but recently I've fallen in love again with getting things done in a more relaxed fashion. For me, it's that kind of rainy afternoon feeling when you're not in a rush, when you want to get something done, but don't have a deadline. At these times, my Filofax is my faithful companion, as I often find that this can be when I'm most inspired as I'm relaxed and not trying too hard. It's all about doing small and easier tasks at a slower pace, with bonus points for eating cake at the same time!  

These are my tools for my pottering sessions:

  1. Tote bag with a plastic bag inside - for picking up rubbish or recycling, or anything I might want to move elsewhere
  2. Kensington - for writing down notes, as I'll often think of something completely unrelated, or have ideas about current projects etc. 
  3. iPod and headphones
  4. Hot drink and a snack
  5. Magazine holder - this was gifted to me as I'd originally planned to use it to help me catch up on some reading, but it's the perfect size to carry around the house and pop any items in that need moving.

On purpose, I'm not attempting to do things on my to-do list, but I'm wandering about the house, putting items away and maybe reading a book for a while before returning it to the shelf. I often find that when my pottering time is up that I've actually achieved quite a bit, and been inspired on some different projects that I'd maybe previously gotten a bit stuck on.

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