10 October 2022

Reusing Old Diary Inserts

Did you know that you can reuse old dairy inserts a few years later when the days and dates will be the same.

Because of leap years it isn’t a fixed interval.

To give you an indication of what years are the same as each other, see the table below. To explain it in detail. Looking at 2023, years with the days and dates the same as 2023 are 1989, 1995, 2006, 2017, 2034, 2045.

To look at other years to see what is the same, take a look at the website below, put in the year and it will indicate all the same years as the one you have put in. 

There is also a very recent video by Neil of Flatability about this same topic, take a look. 


  1. Thanks for this!

  2. Very interesting as I'm always writing on old diary inserts!
    So, my current pages being used up are from 2015, but they won't have the same dates for another 4 years. Thanks as I can now check to see what else I have...

  3. When i use old inserts I just put date stickers on them to cover the old dates. I had never thought to check matching years, intriguing!

  4. Thanks, very useful. Just found this article after coming across some old unused diaries from a few decades ago. I'll be able to reuse them in future years and keep them out of landfill. One feature is most (but probably not all) of the bank holidays will be the same.