12 June 2023

Guest Post - Filofax Compact Setup - Sally S

Seeing my old post about my pocket Filofax reappear on FFAF recently I thought I would post an update on my setup. Things have changed!

After using a pocket Filofax for a number of years the page size finally became too small for me. My reading glasses are not always to hand.

I have generally preferred smaller rings so trying personal compact seemed the way to go…so far it is proving to be a success.

This is the setup in my compact Holborn.

The pockets usually just hold sticky notes and tabs.

At the front is a clear flyleaf which I use for sticky notes holding reminders and important items on my to-do list, then a number of list pages such as medium and long term to-dos, shopping lists, items I am waiting for etc. I keep a separate daily to-do list which is thrown away when completed.

The next section (so-called although I have no dividers, just an occasional tab) is my diary. I did consider the week on one page format which will fit on the rings. However, a quick analysis of my diary entries from previous years showed that only about 30% of days contained an entry. Therefore it seemed a waste of ring space to have a bigger diary than absolutely necessary. I am using a month on two pages. There is enough room as the only things I tend to record are birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. I can fit up to three entries per day in the space available. If I need more room I use the top and bottom of the page for notes.

I also have a Philofaxy year planner for a general overview.

The next few pages are contacts…both addresses and mobile numbers.

After this come my Christmas pages which are currently mostly empty, just headings.

Then a few more notes pages…my book list, Filofax wish list (not that I need any more), etc.

I also have a world map and London Underground map, only occasionally referenced. Not really necessary but I just like having them in my planner.

A few sheets of spare paper are kept at the back, then finally a top opening envelope which holds ring reinforcers, Filofax jot pad sheets and scrap paper.

All in all this format is working well, with enough room on the rings to fit in all I need and is so portable.

Thank you Sally for sharing your set up with us.


  1. I like how simple this setup is 😁

  2. Thank you Sally, this is my type of set up, simple and effective