07 September 2023

Ring Size and Capacity

The rings in your Filofax organiser do have a finite capacity. 

You are recommended to not over stuff your organiser, because the paper on the inside of the rings will start to push the rings open when you attempt to close your organiser. See this post for an explanation. 

As one of our readers recently commented, it is best that the front and back cover are parallel not diverging (wider at the outer edge than they are at the spine) 

Rings - 
The ring size of a Filofax organiser is the internal diameter in millimetres. 

The amount of paper only (no dividers has been tested with just Filofax plain white thin paper (70gsm) and the results are shown below just as an indication.
 Ring Size  
 Organiser SizeCapacity (Sheets)
30 mm
A5, Personal Zip  
25 mm
A5 Clasp270
23 mm
Personal Clasp250
19 mm
15 mm
13 mm
Slimline, Mini120
11 mm
Slimline, Mini105

 You will find lots of other information about all aspects of Filofax Organisers in the book fILE of fACTS


  1. Thank you so much Steve! I missed having that table to refer to.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for all the great inserts you have created for our organisers.

    I have a request: I am looking for an insert which combines "Month on two pages plus notes (1.7.2 A4/A5)" with "Two days per page (1.3.2 A4/A5)", including an introductory page at the beginning of each month for instance "January 2024". I could not find such an insert on your website. Could you please guide me how to create this, since I am not a tech savvy person and don't have the required skills to this on my own.

    This set could be very useful for the new Filofax organizer Norfolk with 35mm rings which can accommodate extra pages, and also for those who prefer to remove and file away their diary pages for each month due to the smaller ring size of their current organizers. It can also be great for adding ""Divider Tabs" for each month.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Rania
      I think I understand what you are looking for. Can you please email me direct and then we can see if we can come up with a solution to your requirement.
      It might not be a simple 'out of the box' solution, but as you have pointed out the basics are there, we just have to work out how to modify them to meet your needs, with instructions on how to do it step by step.
      steve at philofaxy dot com

  3. If you print your own inserts on Tomoe River paper, you can get a lot more pp in!