01 September 2023

Free For All Friday - No. 773 by Steve

We are always looking for new Filofax communities on the Internet. Social Media seems to be going through a lot of changes at present. 

I've been following the Reddit r/filofax subreddit for sometime for Webfinds posts and it has gone from a post every few months to several a week in the last few weeks. Maybe people have abandoned Twitter/X and have moved there? 

We have moved the Philofaxy Twitter account over to Mastodon and we are slowly building a following. With the help of William one of our readers I've managed to feed the Philofaxy daily posts in to that account. 

I attempted to set up a Threads account.... well it worked for the first week, then it stopped, because I live in the European Union! 

Of course it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything Filofax related. 


  1. Just bought an A5 Finsbury secondhand for £20, in good nick too. What counts as a bargain in the filofax secondhand market? I think at a £95 saving over a new Finsburt at this size I think it's a bargain introduction to the larger filofax size. If I like it then perhaps I'll buy a new one just to be the first and only owner. If not I'll get a new personal in leather to replace my faux leather personal metropol.

    Out of interest, which leather filofaxes in A5 and / or personal size has a horizontal right hand side pocket to take a lined refill pad? I've decided that's the best feature if the metropol as it takes the bulk of the unused lined paper from the rings until needed. Good if you overload.

    1. The Malden A5 has a right-hand notepad slot. I use it for my scratchpad.

  2. Can you use smaller inserts in larger filofax? Or can you get half page inserts?

    1. Some combinations of pages sizes will fit the rings, some will not without for instance cutting the corner off the page.
      One novel combination is A5 with Mini pages, you can get two Mini pages to fit A5 with no overlap. You just use the middle three holes on each page on the top and bottom set of rings.
      As shown here:

    2. I saw the plotter us brand on a blog from this site band it looks interesting how a 6 ring folder with full size and half size paper in it. The half size used top or bottom three rings. It seemed a good idea as most of my note taking only fills half a page but for organisation I can't use the rest for other notes or I might lose them.

      I also liked the way the metal spine made the folder thinner than filofax. It's it sacrilege to wonder if the plotter us brand is more practical design than filofax? I particularly love the way they sell a kind of wrap that goes around a section so it could be removed in one. Kind of dividers that package the project for moving in, out or around a planner folder. Might look into a way of making one for my new, secondhand A5 filofax.