11 September 2023

Vintage Filofax Models

Not all old models had names, the following will help you decode older model designations, e.g. 4CLF7/8W  
  • First digit(s): The number of internal pockets
  • Next two Letters: Type of Leather:
  • C - Canvas
  • L Leather cloth 
  • KL - Kid Leather
  • CL - Calf Leather
  • PL - Pigskin Leather 
  • HL - Hide Leather 
  • ML - Morocco Leather
  • BCL - Box Calf Leather
  • RH - Reindeer Hide
  • BL - Bridle Leather 
  • SH - Saddle Hide Leather
  • CC - Crocodile Calf Leather
  • V or VR for Vinyl or Vinyl Rubber 
  • W for Woven Leather
  • Next position: F for fasterner, J for Jotter, omitted for neither
  • Ring size in inches

You will find lots of other information about all aspects of Filofax Organisers in the book fILE of fACTS


  1. I have the Morocco leather. It's as stiff as they come. If a binder can have zero flatability that would be my Morocco. Beautiful and untouchable.

    1. Yes the Morocco leather ones can be formidable. I can understand why you love yours. Some of the earlier models also managed the trick of staying flat while open, even when brand new.

    2. I'll second that. My Buckingham MLF is far from new, but it lies flat as a pancake. I'm very happy with it. :)

  2. Always good to reprise the list thanks Steve.
    VR was actually Ribbed Vinyl (as the 1987 catalogue confirms), although R on its own may have indicated either Ribbed or Rubber in relation to the Wellington model.