08 September 2023

Free For All Friday - No. 774

Do you take your organiser with you when you travel?

As always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Has anybody used their Filofax as a recipe bifor themnder? Or used an unringed binder of another type for recipe ideas that is practical? If so, any ideas or set up You Tube vids would be welcome. Hugest thanks in advance. Jane. `xx

    1. I've seen them used like this but not always leather ones, but vinyl or similar 'wipe clean' ones. No matter how neat and tidy you are there's always a certain amount of 'splashes' and flour that might get everywhere!
      People either laminate their favourite recipes or use plastic slide in covers to protect the paper.

    2. Thanks Steve, Sorry, but my post had many typos. The cursor keeps moving or rather hopping along recently!! Yes you're right, a wipeable recipe binder may be best. Now I am retired I want to bake and widen my meals repertoire. I've never had time to make a recipe binder before!! Thanks. Butanben, aka Jane. xxxx