13 November 2023

Gillio Meet Up - November 2023

This last weekend saw me travelling to Brussels to take part in the Gillio Meet Up, ten years after the first meet up led by Mella, that one was held on 30 November 2013. There have been many since then of course. 

I knew a lot of the people attending, but we hadn’t seen each other since 2019 at PlannerCon Europe, so it was wonderful to see each other after so long. 

The event was to ‘reveal’ a lot of new/revised products. The event was ‘live streamed’ using a professional company to provide as many people as possible to be there in a virtual sense and get the news about announcements as quickly as the people there. 

The event was held in a former paper-mill powered by a water wheel or steam engine, which I thought was very fitting considering the products revealed at the event. 

You can watch the recording of the event in the video at the foot of this post.  

I hastily wrote down the details of what was announced. 

1. B6 Slim Appunto notebook cover.

2. The Gillio Cat Collection, three colour combinations, in three models (Medium, Pocket, Appunto A6) two fly leaves with cat paws on them, and the face of a cat on the other. Square shaped clasp with a cat paw imprint. 

3. Crocodile leather prototype…. Very much in the early stages of development. Not calf leather, but actual crocodile!

4. Bags have returned in a big way, five different designs, some similar to previous designs, but with improvements such as removable/adjustable straps etc. 

5. The Vintage Collection leather re-visited with more colours and a new quality leather, again in development. This is a link to the original Vintage Collection from February 2019

6. A new size of ring planner to the Gillio collection HBxWA5 this is for a page size that is 172mm (6.76 inches) high by 148mm wide. This equates to Personal page height, but the width of A5. So think of Personal Wide on steroids!! Personal Wide is 26mm wider than Personal Size, HBxWA5 is 27mm wider than Personal Wide, so you end up with a much squarer page but without the height of true A5 (210mm) 

If this format sounds familiar, it is because Gmax did a post for us back in 2015! And there is part 2 as well.

Availability of all of the above outside of the ones that were for sale today is variable with no definite release dates as yet. 

For full details on any of the items, please skip through the video to get the full details as mentioned by Mella, I was just scribbling down notes in a notebook whilst the presentation was going on so I hold me hand up if there are any errors or I mis-heard something!

It was an excellent event, people had the chance to buy some of the items and see some of the yet to go in to production samples and prototypes, some of them had only arrived from Italy on Friday morning!

A big thank you to Tom Van Harlem and all the team at Gillio Firenze for putting on the event for all the fans. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait four years for the next one!

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  1. It was great to see you again, Steve.