25 June 2015

Guest Post - Notes in HBxWA5 - Part 2- By gmax

We saw Part 1 yesterday, Part 2 continues with how Max is using this interesting size format. 

Part 1 of this post introduced the HBxWA5 format, and my binder purchase from Japan.

One of the things that made me like the look of the new format was its similarity to the short-lived original Deskfax, which had double width personal leaves (unlike the longer-lived, nine ring Deskfax that came a bit later). I did wonder whether a double-width leaf might fit the HBxWA5, and it does just fit as you can see here. You could use it with double-width leaves if you kept them folded upon shutting, but, unfolded, they would stick out too far when the binder is closed.

So I decided to go with the format as designed, and make some notepaper in true HBxWA5 size.

I’d heard good things about Rhodia paper, and fancied trying their dot grid style. So I made a trip to Paperchase in Tottenham Court Road, London and bought a stapled A5 pad. The stapling and perforation means that the actual sheets are not full height A5, but this was fine for what I wanted. Only the width needed to be A5.

Judicious use of a rotary trimmer was required to get the sheets down to personal height. In fact only a small amount of the paper went to waste, as you can see from the trimmings on the left.

A standard personal sized punch was then all that was needed to get the note-taking setup completed.

I also managed to refactor the pad’s covers to make some rather nifty fly-leaves.

So now I’m all set for note-taking. If people are interested I will report back later on how the format is working, and what the binder is like to live with.

Thank you Max for sharing this with us. 


  1. I, for one would be interested in a follow-up, and also how you are archiving them in with the rest of your personal size Filo sheets. Thanks for the post!

  2. Nice posts, gmax. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Oh, I had fun playing with this. When folded at 110mm (measuring from the leftmost edge, allows 10mm for the rings) the right hand side would be 100mm. That’s only a few millimeters wider than the Personal page. Since I have multiple sized papers in my FF Saffiano, this only adds a new size. An unlined sheet would be wonderful for mindmapping. Or, day on 4 pages…the sides under the fold could be for journaling, both text and art. Max, thanks for opening up this new “dimension”.
    If you’re interested in pictures, email me at cp1favthing@gmail.com .

    1. Glad you have enjoyed experimenting Carla.
      With an A5 width of 148mm, making a 53mm fold on the right will give a 95mm folded width, which matches personal size.
      The old Filofax double width personal leaves were 180mm wide, with an 85mm fold on the right.

    2. Whoa, my measurements were off. I had fun playing anyway.

    3. The long side of A5 is 210mm, so maybe you just had the leaves rotated Carla?
      I hadn't thought of that idea.

    4. Yes, I did print in landscape/long side.Hope you're enjoying your new binder. It looks light.
      I almost bought and A5 today, but if my personal gets heavy, the A5 would be worse.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I believe this is the direct link to the item:


    1. Yes you're right Alan.
      Thanks for the link.

  5. I'm just wondering how this continues to work for you, Max.


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