02 June 2010

Erin's new Aqua Finsbury

Erin very kindly emailed me some photos of her new aqua Finsbury that her husband gave her as a gift!  Lucky lady!! 

I saw this new Finsbury color while I was at the Filofax shop in London.  It is gorgeous, I love how saturated the color looks.

I think this color will be very popular this year!  And, as with all colored Filofax models, if you like it you should get it quickly because you can bet it's being produced this year only!


  1. Hey, thanks Laurie for posting this. I really do love it! And, I am a very lucky lady not only to have my new Finsbury but most especially my hubby!

  2. Love the colour Erin. But it wouldn't surprise you if you looked in my wardrobe.. most of my shirts tend to be blue!

    I used to drive a car that was a similar colour to your new Finsbury..


  3. Steve
    It does look more blue in the photos but the color is a gorgeous aqua! Thanks for pictures of your house on blog. Hope you and your wife are enjoying France!


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