21 July 2012

Web Finds - 21 July 2012

So another week and some more great web finds
  1. A few peeks!! - Filo Obsessed
  2. What colour would you like? - Maudie Made
  3. I'm back! - Musings of a Caribbean Princess
  4. my filofax week #13 - Paper Lovestory 
  5. What's A Filofax?- My Version - Chain X Stationery 
  6. OMG....Market Nirvana....Filofax Style....!! - Shabby Vintage Junk
  7. Gute Frage (8) - Filomaniac
  8. Handy Task Tabs for your Filofax - My Life All in One Place
  9. Filofax Labels Part 2 - It's My Life
  10. Mini NYC Meet Up - Well Planned Life
  11. What's In My Bag? - Paper Pens Ink
  12. Albert Einstein: On Dodo Pad usage - The Crazy Suburban Mom 
  13. So i tweaked my filofax set up a little bit - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow 
  14. Free Filofax - Pentorium 
  15. Death of Dr Stephen Covey - Franklin Covey 
  16. Cross to Bear - Living with Liisa
  17. A quick Stationery Spy #2 - All Things Stationery
  18. Holiday Essentials Blogger Challenge - Imysworld
  19. Introducing 'My Life All In One Pod', the Filofax podcast - My Life All In One Place 
  20. Episode 1: Welcome to the Podcast - My Life All In One Pod
  21. How can I get my kid to do GTD? - GTD Times
  22. Filofax Swap 3 - The "Chamomile" Attempt! - Lime Tree
  23. Stationary Haul.. Filofax Perfect!!! - The Wonderful Life of Alice 
  24. Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär... - Filomaniac
  25. Filofax Kendal Filofax Kendal Filofax Kendal - Imysworld 
  26. Filofax Blog of the Week: My Once Upon the Moon - My Life All in One Place
  27. the me binder: vintage rose Finchley - Paper Lovestory
  28. My last 2 Filofax weeks... - The Wonderful Life of Alice 
  29. London 2012 Filofaxes - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow
  30. Introducing Ms. Plum - Well Planned Life
  31. Scruffy Personal Classic.....Sorted! - It's My Life
  32. 2013 Dodo Pad personal size Filofax-compatible diary inserts - Plannerisms
And this weeks video finds, starting with one of my own!

That's a wrap for this week.. until next week... Enjoy


  1. Thanks to Steve for linking to my new Filofax Podcast. Just to let people know you can now get it through iTunes. Just search in podcasts at the iTunes Store for 'Filofax'. If you subscribe there (it's free) you'll get all the episodes automatically as they come out.

  2. Wow the Filofax by enjoyette is wow do full all lots of cutie stationery I luv it

  3. Uh oh my last comet don't make sense cos of silly gramma errors I blame the predicted text anyway I was gonna say that Filofax looks very full and has lot of cutie stationery lol


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