04 July 2012

Holiday Essentials Mood Boards

My entries are in and here they are.

We have been set the task of creating three mood boards, something I've never done before.  Each mood board had to reflect the particular Filofax personal organiser and the suggested location.

So I will start with the Swift in Sage which was perfect for a country side jaunt or a visit to a country house or chateau. Great for taking notes and recording details of your trip and page reference reminders from your guide book.

The Swift is a rather understated appearance, not too flashy, it will not attract too much attention when you are carrying it or making notes in it. The textile exterior will blend nicely with your surroundings.

The Metropol in Kingfisher Blue is ideal for a holiday by the beach.

Ideal for journalling about your holiday, those lazy days by the beach, listening to music or reading that book you bought in the departure lounge. The Kingfisher Blue of course complementing your beach towel just perfectly.

The Metropol has quite a tough exterior so it's not going to be bothered by the odd bit of light rain or salt spray, just wipe it clean and it will be like new again.

The Domino in violet is the best choice for a city break.

It needs to match your outfits, slot in to your bag and carry your travel details, hotel arrangements, be a reminder for those recommended restaurants that friends have passed on to you for your first visit to Berlin.

The Domino is a great value for money Filofax personal organiser, whilst it might not be tough on the outside it certainly stylish and up to the mark on the choice of colours, whilst the interior is soft suede type finish. 

I quite enjoyed the challenge of doing the mood boards, not only the photography but joining the photos together afterwards and also thinking up what should go with what.

My entry will soon be on the Filofax Facebook page, take a look at all the entries next time you log in to Facebook

Watch out for the announcement about how you can win one of these three organisers in our giveaway competitions starting on Monday 16th July.


  1. I love your mood boards, I might do one too. Looks like fun!

  2. I love the Holiday by the Beach mood board, and your description.

  3. Great job, Steve! I just bought an A5 purple Domino, but its mood board would look very different. It's going to be the household book that lives on my kitchen counter. Since it's not leather, I'm hoping it will be easy to wipe clean. And Filofax USA has it on sale right now!

  4. These are great Steve, loving the Beach one in particular, looks like good fun, maybe I should try this some time :)

  5. Fashionist Steve rocks! :))

  6. Steve.... you've got hidden talents!!!

  7. Wauw.. Looks awesome.. I wonder which mood I'm in with my black a5 domino :)

  8. Fabulous mood boards :o)

  9. Oh how fun! Great job Steve :)

  10. A most excellent job, Steve! Congratulations!

  11. Looks really good Steve :)

    Does this mean your now "fashionable"?