21 July 2012

Metropol Quiz Winner

So the answers to the final quiz in this series. It seems a few of you got caught out by question number 2...

So here are the answers.

1. The only lake in Scotland is Lake of Menteith, the others are all Lochs.

2. Nan was originally known as Inky, Philofaxer was the original founder and Nan then came along to help him out.

3. Denise Barnes is the author of From Bad to Wurst

And the winner of the Filofax Metropol is Gail from Gloucester, congratulations.

And if you missed out, sorry, but I only had the one organiser to give away, they are available from Filofax UK.


  1. Well done Gail, I was so close!

  2. Well done Gail.

    Well I got all answers right but lordy be there was some searching involved. lol I wonder if the winners will be good enough to let us know how they plan to use their new Filofaxs.

  3. Well done Gail!! I hope that the new Filofax has at least one Tailor of Gloucester item from the lovely little shop near the cathedral BTW hope that charming wee shop is still there... it was my favourite book when I was little.LOL!! I got all the answers right and so I am thrilled with my little self. I think I struck lucky with my web searches as I got to the answers quite quickly. Not usually the case. Great fun Steve- thanks!!

    1. I guess I'd better de-lurk ... I'm Gail from Gloucester, and I'm very excited - I think the last time I won a competition was about 10 years ago!

      The Tailor of Gloucester's house shop is definitely still there (one of my daughter's favourite places - she's a huge fan of the book, and all the other Beatrix Potter books.)

      When I work out what I'm going to use it for, I'll happily let you all know. Particularly tricky, as I've just recently got myself a Flex A5 which I've switched most of my day-to-day stuff into.

      Hmmm. Better go and put my thinking cap on!

  4. Congratulations Gail!! Well done!

  5. Congratulations, Gail! How funny to be the subject of a trivia question! I used the nickname because I wanted to write anonymously at first. When Steve and Laurie joined using their real names, I decided I should do the same. Also, a commenter had done some online research and revealed my identity, so there was no point trying to be anonymous.

    Originally, the nickname Inky is one of my husband's nicknames for me in real life, deriving from my love of fountain pens. To him, it seems that I'm always messing around with ink.