14 July 2012

Web Finds - 14 July 2012

Well it's a national bank holiday here in France today, although the hot sunny weather seems to have passed us by, never mind.  Not such a huge list this week, but I hope there are some quality posts for you all to enjoy.
  1. Long overdue Midwest Meet Up Post - Miscellany from a Filofax Fanatic
  2. Reader Question: What do you do with filofax pages you don't need all the time - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  3. my filofax week #12 - Paper Lovestory
  4. OTF: Guest post no. 2, Nia's system -  The Life of The Perpetual Student
  5. COMPETITION: Filofax for the Olympics! - My Flash diary
  6. Filofax Dilemma 101 - Imysworld
  7. Filo auf Reisen (6): BeNeFax, reloaded - Filomaniac
  8. Recycling Filofax Paper for Revision - Imysworld
  9. Getting Organised!! - Filo Obsessed
  10. Filofax Labels - It's My Life!
  11. Diary testing: 2PPD - Living With Liisa 
  12. Filofax VS Sammie - My life in words 
  13. Mein Filofax.... - Hauptsache schon und glucklich 
  14. Plastic Envelope in a snap! - Lime Tree
  15. Photographic Filofax dividers template for Pocket size - My Life All in One Place
  16. Neue Umfrage: Welcher Holiday Essentials Filofax ist Euer Favorit - Filomaniac
  17. osterley: a plum surprise - Paper Lovestory 
  18. Office cleanup unearths treaures! - Krista's Filo
  19. Tart up your filofax with a side order of enabling - The Crazy Suburban Mom 
  20. Downsize and Colorize – Goodbye Comfort Zone - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  21. Acid & A Filofax Update - Imysworld
  22. Kieran's Organiser - It's My Life
  23. Friday's Filofax Poll Results: You Stalker You! - Vanjilla
  24. Mein Freund ist aus Leder - Filomaniac 
  25. Compact Maldens for sale - Anita Lim
  26. Filofax Blog of the Week: The Zeitgeist of Zoe - My Life All in One Place
  27. Keeping Track of Daily Life, the Old Fashioned Way - The Wall Street Journal
  28. another washi tape use - Paper Lovestory
  29. Poll result follow-up: Using more than one planner - Plannerisms
  30. The Summer Olympics are Coming - Joseph David Quinton
  31. Setup of my Travel-Filofax - We really didn't need another Filofax blog.....
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  1. Just a random thing, re last week’s Web Finds: many years ago in Borders on Oxford St I leafed through the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and, for whatever reason, it didn’t strike the right note for my needs at the time, and I pretty much wrote it off.

    But then since I moved back to a single Filofax 2 weeks ago, I was thinking there must be something out there that would be like oiling the engine (!) and reading David’s posts linked from last week’s Web Finds about his use of GTD, and spotting that it recommends a technique I’d already kind of designed for myself, made me want to give it another go, so I ordered it online.

    I spent most of yesterday reading it, really taking it all on board, and already I feel like this book is really making a positive difference, to my general peace of mind as well as all things planner-related! I can’t wait to get deeper into using this and seeing how it pans out over the next few months.

    Thanks for your mentions of the book, David, and to the whole community, without you all I’d probably not have started reading here and so never been prompted to give it a second look.

    For anyone debating whether to try the book, here’s a quote I liked very much, to give you idea of how big the scale of these ideas can be:

    ”There is no reason ever to have the same thought twice, unless you like having that thought."

    Brilliant stuff! ^_^


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