28 July 2012

Web Finds - 28 July 2012

An Olympic WebFinds today... after sitting until early this morning watching the opening ceremony from London on TV
  1. My version of a SMASHfax - My Once Upon the Moon
  2. OTF: Many True Filofaxes, and Call for Guest Posts - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  3. My Filofax Set-Up (Inaugural Blog Post!!) - Thoughts and Exploration
  4. My horse-themed Filofax! - Krista's Filo
  5. Pocket Refills Sale/Swap - The Wonderful Life of Alice
  6. Filofax Fortnight #2 - Pride, It Leaves You Hollow
  7. Happy Families!! - Filo Obsessed
  8. Monster Rexel 420 Adjustable Punch - The Purple Pen of Doom 
  9. fit pocket dodo pad into pocket filofax! wola - Simple notes to me
  10. waxing and waning - Filofax Fixation 
  11. Welcome to Journalling School - My Life All in One Place
  12. my filofax week #14 - Paper Lovestory 
  13. My lovely Filofax Songbird in Green - Lauren Loves
  14. How I'm using my Filofax Luxe - My so called organised life 
  15. Journalling School Session 1: Recording Your Life - My Life All in One Place 
  16. Sie haben Post - Filomaniac  
  17. I may have found it... - Angel Jem's City Cottage 
  18. Flying in my Filofax - Thoughts & Exploration
  19. Poll -- Your Filo & a job interview -- RESULTS! - Honey and Filofaxes
  20. I couldn’t live without…my faithful filofax - Get Up and Go
  21. Handy Task Tabs: now for the Pocket - My Life All in One Place
  22. Putting the “F” Back in Filofax - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  23. My Filofax Blog Planner - Another Goldfish
  24. Spontanes Filofax Meet-up in Amerang - Chaotic Perfectionist
  25. Filofax Paper Alternative - Within Dreams We Live
  26. Personal Zipped Holborn - It's My Life
  27. Tossing a Filofax Lunch Monkey - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  28. My Everyday Carry Bag - Love Those Words
  29. New Arrival!!! - LJ's Blog of Stuff
  30. filofax spot: supernatural - Paper Lovestory
  31. Retail Recommendations: City Organiser - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  32. Day 4 #Happiness - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  33. Filofax Kendal - Imysworld
  34. Really!!! I Did That?!!! - LJ's Blog of Stuff
  35. Making Filofax Pages - Imysworld
  36. New ideas for new Tracyley - Rapunzel's World
  37. Birthday Planner pages - We really didn't need another Filofax blog 
  38. Filofax Holborn Set Up! - Pride, It leaves You Hollow
  39. Arthur C. Clark: On Pen Loop Unpredictability  - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  40. Thinning my Filofax & Avery Tabs - The Obsession - Imysworld 
  41. Filofax Blog of the Week: Crazy Suburban Mom -  My Life All in One Place
  42. An idea.... - My Once Upon The Moon.  
  43. Another Mulberry - Paper Pens Ink
  44. Filofax Pennybridge on travels - Heather Holistics
  45. Filofax Sale-O-Rama - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  46. Philofaxy Manchester (North West) Meet Up!!! - Filo Obsessed 
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And here is this weeks Video Finds



  1. Ah, Saturday morning, Philofaxy web finds and not a child in the house - pure bliss :o) Thanks Steve :o)

    1. Thank you, it's always nice to see a comment when I surface on a Saturday morning, it's reassuring to know that the post went out ok and I don't have a panic situation!

  2. Thanks Steve. Great selection, as always!

  3. Thanks Steve some really useful tips here today. I am currently downsizing from A5 to Personal and spent all day yesterday dithering over what to call each section, how many sections I needed, and what colour to make the tabs!

    The video clips above helped clarify my thoughts. Thank you Philofaxy!

  4. I love web finds! Makes my Saturday mornings a blast :) thanks so much Steve!

  5. Thank you for including my inaugural post, Steve.

    1. And the FlyLady one too! Just saw it.

  6. Saturday wouldn't be Saturday without web finds. I read and reread them all week. Thanks!

  7. Brilliant to see Sue Lawley's 1970s Filofax, and even better to know that she still uses it every day. I love looking at other people's Filofaxii, especially one that old, and from someone who I admire.