01 July 2012

Nan's 2012 Midyear Setup - Personal

In addition to the A5 I use for work, I have a Personal-size Filofax that I use as my wallet and daily planner.

This is the organizer that's by my right hand when I'm sitting at home or at work, and comes with my in hand, handbag, or gym bag every time I leave the house.

I started 2012 using the red Finsbury I've used most of the time since I bought it in 2006, carrying over the page setup I used 2011: DPP Diary; followed by a few leaves for FLYlady routines, task reminders, projects, financial, and notes behind a tabbed transparent flyleaf; and Slimline A-Z tabs for contacts and a few pages of lists and reference information.

Notice how I keep saying "a few."With the DPP, you don't have room for a full set of 6 tab dividers plus a set of A-Z tabs.

By March 2012, I was ready for a couple of changes. I was yearning to use my warm brown Finchley, which I haven't taken out for about 3 years.

Also, I was growing tired of having a jumble of things behind that one tabbed flyleaf. I was referring to the pages back there more than to what was on the DPP.

So I switched back to my brown Finchley, with Wo2P cotton cream paper and the following tabs:
  • To-Do - Lists of things to do without a due date, with one page per category: Calls, Web, Errands, Home, etc. 
  • Flight Plans - Daily to-do list, based on FLYlady chores.  
  • Projects - One yellow ruled page per project. A project could be something like Christmas shopping, cleaning up garden, etc. 
  • Notes
  • Financial 
  • A-Z Index - Contacts, shopping lists, directions, etc. 
This setup worked fine, and I really enjoyed the cotton cream paper, but I missed the extra space on the DPP. So I went back to the DPP and the Slimline tabs. My daily flight plan fits just fine in the right column on the DPP—no flipping back and forth! In the left column, I have room not only for appointments but their accompanying information...address, things to bring, money spent on the road (which is mainly what I was using the Financial section for). 

I'm loving the DPP setup in my new Ink Cuban. I use it for my wallet, too: the cash goes in the mesh pocket in back. It's the only thing I need to take when I leave the house. Behind the diary, I have a few white ruled pages and jot pad pages for ideas and reminders, since there are no tabbed sections. But most of the time, since I have the whole year in DPP, I can write everything right on the day where it belongs. 

So where will my longer-term projects go? That's the subject of my next post. 

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  1. I'm going to review my current set up in the next couple of weeks to make sure it's working as well as it can be. I think it's worth spending an hour or so to look at this sort of thing every few months.


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