22 July 2012

Guest Posting on Philofaxy

We love receiving Guest Posts, but they have to be about Filofax obviously... we do get guest posts sent in that are only looking to advertise some unrelated service on our blog... naturally these don't get on to the site, nor do we bother to reply to the emails these days.

However, don't let us put you off writing for Philofaxy it really is very easy. All you need to do is put the text of your post in to an email, you don't even need to use Word.

If you have some photos to go with your post, attach them separately to the email and put an indicator in to the text where you would like the photos to appear [photo1 or IMG2342]  and we will do the rest.

Your post doesn't need to be long with lots of words, pictures can save a lot of words.

Please send your guest posts to philofaxy [at] gmail [dot] com

Since publishing this post we have had several budding writers contact us but none of them have offered posts about Filofax.... hence this update. Let's be clear.

Philofaxy will only publish guest posts about Filofax Organisers and other brands of ring bound organisers

Please don't contact us if your post is about life assurance, education, summer fashion, weddings and any other non-Filofax related topic.


  1. I hope this will generate some more guest posts to ease the workload on the core team. I've just added up and found just 14 guest posts so far this year - that's out of a total of around 258! So the core team (Steve, Laurie, Nan, Anita plus Ray and a couple of others) are writing 95% of the posts on here - with the rest of us contributing just 5% between us! Is that fair?

    I know there are usually lots of comments on their posts. But for the long-term success of Philofaxy, surely the postings workload could be spread just a little more? We're all busy people - that's why we have organisers/ planners! It took ME nearly a year to get around to writing my recent Guest Post on Flex - but rewarding when I saw it published!

    I for one one would love to learn more about how other readers get (and stay) organised, tweaks made and tips folk have picked up along the way.

    We all get a lot out of Philofaxy, so surely it's only fair that we all make a contribution of our own from time to time - as well as still commenting on issues raised by others...

    1. I agree. My own blogs are all textile art focused and I was debating whether to introduce my new filo obsession over there where the readers do not understand... Better to aim for some acceptable guest posts here I think!

  2. I'm thinking of writing a 'before' and 'after' as I downsize from A5 to Personal after 20 years. It will give my trusty A5 a good retirement send-off, and immortalise it in the annuals of history!

    My A5 is an old A-Time binder that was absorbed into TimeSystems, but the inserts are pure Filofax Time Management with quite a few custom designed pages to help me work more efficiently.

    Happy to share with others.

  3. Tim,

    you make a good point about the collective responsibility. I'd just like to put down my reason for contributing, as it probably resonates with others. I've generally felt that I wouldn't really have much to contribute, as I perceive my set-up to be pretty mundaane and not something that would interest other people. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. Although conversely, I have enjoyed reading about others' uses and set-up, and have gained some good tips from it. Ironic, I know, but there you go.

    I'm happy to do a guest post on my filofaxii (I don't think Filofaxes as a collective noun is elegant, so I've decided to use my own), once I submit the thesis for my PhD which is hanging over me like a very threatening sword of Damocles. Two weeks ago, I downsized (again) from A5 to personal, after discovering that my A5 weighed just over 2 kilos, which is more than my laptop. Until then, I'd used A5 for about 4 years, so it certainly wasnt a fickle choice.

    Once I have had my submission formally accepted, I'll celebrate with a guest post. And then I'll encourage others to do the same :)

  4. Doh! That should have read "not contributing". Add this to the above and it will make more sense.

  5. I need a binder for sheet music, larger than A5 but not a cumbersome A4.

    1. May be post this question on today's post Free For All Tuesday, it's where people ask questions like this. But may be a DeskFax.

      What size is the sheet music.